Should Ask Questions

How will your services benefit me?

Avoiding costly mistakes is first on the list. Have you ever envisioned your room or home to look a certain way? So you shop for all the furnishings and trimmings you love. Only to discover after placing your new-found treasures throughout the house it looks nothing like the picture in your head?

Because we are objective, we see your overall vision without the sentimental attachments placed upon objects.

Here’s a real live example…┬áMy client and I were on one of our weekly shopping trips for her new country style home. I noticed she kept gravitating toward items that were within the “area” of the design style but not close enough.

She was getting frustrated each time she placed her selections next to the source sample because they looked horrible . . . until I pointed out why: We were going for a country house design, not a farm house style–same vicinity but opposite side of the tracks. Objectivity . . . priceless.

Keeping continuity and unity throughout a project from one room to the next while incorporating the design principles of balance, rhythm, emphasis, scale & proportion and harmony is crucial.

If you don’t have the expertise in a particular field, will you bring in a specialist?

Absolutely! No hesitation. Examples would be: Home Theatre, Landscapes and Pools.

Do you have a network of consultants and subs?

Yes, indeed. General contractors, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, millwork, workrooms and so many more industry team members!

How do you structure your fees?

Hourly and Fixed…

Interior Design is generally hourly because by nature it will vary greatly over a period of time from one room to the next.

Building projects are a fixed rate because it is rigorously rigid from code specifications, permit requirements to hard and fast deadlines.

How do you know what I like or need?

Shortly after our initial meet and greet, you are given a little homework assignment. It’s very fun.

For us, it’s like reading tea leaves but with magazine pictures. Much about a person’s tastes and preferences are revealed in recurring themes in their selections. From there we fine tune it with a series of questions.

What else do you do or could you help us with?

We are flexible to the degree you wish to be involved. Either we handle everything for you or we can act as your guide/consultant helping you with your decisions or shopping excursions. Again, it’s all about how to best serve you. So, in addition to custom interiors, we also offer . . .

Interiors by Isabelle

  • Lighting
  • Art Selection
  • ADA Compliant Homes
  • Aging in Place
  • Sustainable Interiors
  • Expediting House Sales

Design & Building, Inc.

  • Contracts
  • Documented Plans
  • Permits
  • New Construction
  • Additions
  • Remodels

We are capable of bringing your vision to reality–be it a smoke and mirror showcase or a pragmatically functional space. It’s your dream, we deliver.

Why should I use your services and not someone else’s?

Having traveled extensively and lived in other countries I was exposed and immersed in various cultures and customs, all of which gave me a broader understanding and approach to design.

Plus, my qualifications, vast knowledge, years of experience in the field, extensive continuing education and that of an instructor at the Design Institute of San Diego.

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