Green Homes

Go Green with Confidence

Green home designs are more than saving money and creating healthy environments.

Friends and neighbors will be green with envy as you elevate the status of your new home with the coolest design solutions and hottest looks our planet has to offer.

However, San Diego presents unique challenges for us desert dwellers such as penetrating sun, arid temperatures, strain on natural resources and wildfires, to name a few.

Thanks to the advancement in product technology from biomimicry research and greater understanding of sustainability, it’s easier to combat these challenges with hot, innovative design solutions for the interior and exterior of our homes . . .

Faded Glory No More

Do you love to let the sunshine in but hate the fact it fades your furniture? Fear not, smarter selections in window glass to fabrics are at your rescue.

Delay the Fire

Each summer San Diego faces the possibility of wildfires and the threat of loss to our homes. But did you know there’s a way to protect your house from that destruction?

Money-Green Solutions

Did you know there’s a money-sucking hole the size of a dishwasher hiding in your house. Want to know where it is?

Breathe Easy

And, there’s a way to clean your bathroom tiles without scrubbing or breathing in nasty chemical fumes.

Now that you know it’s possible to have it all–more money, health, protection and leave the Jones’ behind–it’s time to step it up and lead the way. You’ve earned it!

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