Money Saving Tips

See Where Your Extra Cash Is Hiding

There’s a money-sucking hole the size of a dishwasher lurking about
but it’s not in the kitchen…

It’s Here… In 6 Places!

Light an incense stick and watch the “smoke” billow as you place it in front of these common areas of heat loss:

  • Windows
  • Exterior Doors
  • Switches & Outlets
  • Fireplace Openings
  • Water Heaters & Pipes
  • Attics & Access Hatches

How To Fix It

The green, inexpensive way…

  • Windows: Double-paned or not, window panes retain heat and cold temperatures. So, simply close your drapes, blinds, shutters or shades at night when temperatures drop and keep them closed on dark, cool or windy days if the room is not use.
  • Exterior Doors: Self-stick weather-stripping all around the door frame ensures a fully insulated area. Cute door draft stoppers don’t provide the same protection, nor do they fit with your designer decor.
  • switch_outlet_gasketSwitches & Outlets: Located on the exterior walls of a room. Simply place pre-cut foam insulating gaskets inside each plate. Voila! No more sneaky drafts.
  • Fireplace Openings: Without an enclosure, such as glass doors, heat escapes through the dampers of a fireplace, including gas. The easy fix is to cut out Masonite (hardboard) to fit and fill the gap. Place a decorative screen, floral arrangement or even a favorite painting in front.
  • water_heater_blanketWater Heaters & Pipes: Whether your water heater is located in the garage or elsewhere, wrap the heater in a thermal insulated blanket. This prevents the tank from being exposed to cooler surrounding temperatures. Maintaining a constant water temperature is key to reducing energy consumption and lowering your bills.The pipes in your garage could do with some warming up as well. These foam insulating covers are literally a snap to wrap!
  • Attics & Access Hatches: access_panelInsulation batting for the attic can be easily rolled out across the rafters, being careful to avoid any electrical fixtures. But be sure to measure first and read manufacturer’s instructions for complete details.Panels for access hatches are made of rigid foam insulation and come pre-cut. Just measure and drop. How easy is that!

2 Simple Ways To Stay Ahead

  • Programmable Thermostat: Tailored to your lifestyle. Set it for day, night, weekdays and weeknights. For immediate control on your energy consumption, install this most cost-effective, inexpensive gadget today.
  • Energy Audits: Call your utility or local energy auditing company. They will analyze your bill, check your house for leaks, ventilation methods, measure safety levels of various gases escaping into your home and offer solutions to improve your living conditions without compromising your lifestyle.

Want it done? But don’t want to get dirty? Call your design specialist today to oversee this project. And have it expertly handled.

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